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SSSSSSing it loud drown out the feelin'...

I love her. The Aunt I never had.. My teacher. My friend. My guardian. My angel. Barbara. She suffered... and i took care of her. I always went over there everyday. Took care of her, checked her IV's, Cooked, Cleaned, but most of all kept her company. The good times... Listening to Queen eating cheeseball and playing Mario party even though she didnt like it. I love her, I cant even begin to tell you how much of loss this is. Sitting here trying to keep the tears inside is hard... and my family just doesnt get it. They want me to stop crying... and get over it, the sad part is I was her best friend. From the day i waved on my bike, till the end. I was the little girl Katey next door.


To taught me so much. I dont know how to thank you. I wish i got to say goodbye to you. You made a really big difference in my life. When i was in my depression you understood and tried to fix it. I heard you asked for me before you moved on, that was really great of you.. and i just want to return to you and tell you i love you too. I know that i stopped coming over after a while, i just finally started to break my depression. I know you dont want me to be depressed and you want me to be happy, because you always have... but i cant help it. I lost Jim... and I lost you, but you are someone i will never forget. We had some good times together, and you taught me so much.. i know how to make wedding soup. And for all those assoles in ur family that never gave a shit before, well they missed out on a great lady, and im glad had you all to myself. I just wish i got to say goodbye. I wanted to tell the hospital that i was ur niece, but im sure they wouldnt have baught it. Thanks for helping me when i had troubles with my mom, and when all my friends decieved me. Thanks vfor listening to me. It's unfortunate that you had to go, you were the only person that listened to me, and let me voice my opinion.

I love you Barbara Drury.... Just give me a sign your watching... and everything will be ok. Do me a favor and watch over Tony, Ill help take care of him and Riley... Men... they need a womans help. We cant live with them... and we cant live without them. Whenever i make a pot of coffee ill think of you. I could go on for hours talking to you... but im sure you already know all of this stuff. Say hi to Auntie Maureen, Grandpa and Jim for me. This isnt goodbye, I know ill see you again... even if it means i have to be good for the rest of my life.

<3 Always and forever

Your neighbor, Best Friend , and Niece,

<3 KaTeY

All thats left are memories, and the angel that watches me on my finger.
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